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In a road accident - how to instantly check if the other car is insured

In a road accident - how to instantly check if the other car is insured

According to the Motor Insurance Bureau ( MIB) there are an estimated one million uninsured drivers on the road- representing 12% of all motorists. According to the MIB, despite number plate recognition etc, the number of uninsured drivers has risen by 10%, over the last year. This means it will pay out over £250 million this year, which adds an average of £15 to each motorist's premium.

So, if you are unlucky enough to be in an accident, how can you tell if the other driver is insured? Fortunately, the MIB have a very useful downloadable app, which will tell you. It is called askMID/roadside. Simply search this linkin your browser;

It is a free to use app, which will not only tell you if the car is insured, but also the name of the insurer. If you find the car is not insured, we advise you call the police immediately. Try and take photos of both the other car, and the driver. If the driver refuses to supply his details, you can tell him its an offence, for which he can get 6 points. You will need to get a crime reference number, or log number, from the police- this is required to claim from the MIB. If you are injured, you should tell the police operator- the police have a duty to attend any road accident scene, where someone is hurt.

Most insurers will cover some of the costs arising from being hit by an uninsured driver, but not if you have only third party cover. If you are fully comp insured, the MIB requires you to claim through your insurer, for any repairs, or the pre-accident value, if the car is too badly damaged. If your insurer does not offer a courtesy car, we can step in & supply one. A lot of insurers will charge you policy excess, even though the accident was not your fault.

If you are only third party insured, your insurer will not help; they only cover liability for other vehicle damages, not your own. You will have to claim directly through the MIB, which takes months. You will need to repair the car yourself, then claim back the costs. If you call Easigo accident management, we can claim for a replacement car, car repairs, and any injury, if your insurer will not help. If we look after things, we cover all the costs then reclaim it from them. We offer a UK wide service.

Mr Collins is an expert on road accident claims; and has been providing legal advice to motorists for many years. He is employed as the Operations Manager of a UK Accident Management Company, so is at the sharp end; dealing with RTAs all day.

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