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Tips For Buying Your First Tractor At Auction

Want to purchase your first Tractor's at auction? The answer is simple: do those 4 tips.

Tips For Buying Your First Tractor At Auction

​ Are you considering purchasing a tractor - if so then a tractor auction is something could be a good place to get value. Here are some tips to do so.

1) Inspect

 If there are items you're interested in buying, give them a close inspection. Do this early in the auction day, prior to crowds arriving. If you can, do it the day prior to the auction. If you're interested in a running tractor, ask about driving it so you can check and listen for any mechanical problems. Get under it to look for evidence of any oil leaks or broken welds or casting. You might not be able to do a full diagnostic of it, but any chance to check it out can give you some idea as to its condition.

2) Check Out The Title

One common issue at auctions is a road-worthy vehicle that doesn't have its signed title. Most states have put laws in place that are supposed to stop untitled vehicles from being sold off, and yet it still frequently happens. When a car, truck, or pickup gets seized and the unwilling title owner doesn't sign off, then the buyer needs to know that he's facing an arduous and expensive road ahead in terms of getting a legal title. The title isn't as critical to a buyer when buying something damaged that's going to get scavenged for parts. Here are some auction tips.

3) Practice Etiquette

On auction day, before it's time to start, I talk to other dealers. I tell them not to worry about me personally, and that they can bid until they can't stand it. Anyone close to me personally, I'll ask if there's something specific they came for, and I typically lay off bidding on such things. I never bid up items if a relative is looking to buy their father's or grandparent's tractor. If you want to avoid offending anyone, position yourself right in front of the actual auctioneer. With everyone behind you, you never know who might else be bidding on something you want. That will keep things from getting personal in certain bidding wars and items that come up for grabs

4) Buyer Beware

 If you win a bid for a small item, either lock it in a vehicle or keep it near your feet. Larger items might need someone you trust standing with it until you can move it to somewhere safe. If you do need to leave a larger item for later pickup, write 'sold' with your name clearly on flat metal or tires. Identification more than just a bidding number discourages aspiring thieves. Sadly, theft, even if just from jealousy, happen a lot at auctions.

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