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Six Tips While Selling Your Car Online For Safe Sale

Here are 6 rules to follow if you want to buy or sell your car online.

Six Tips While Selling Your Car Online For Safe Sale

Selling your old car online seems an easy option when it comes to selling it privately. But with the rising number of online scams and frauds, it is very difficult to decide whether it is safe. With little preparedness and a few precautions, you can easily sell your car online. Here are six tips that will help you sell your car online safely and securely with the best price in exchange.

#1. Give Clear and Detailed Description.

Describe the credentials of your vehicle in detail. These credentials should include color, mileage, condition, make and model, and the year of manufacture of your car. Apart from these legally compliant credentials, give out your contact details and the list of equipment or taxes, and service history. This will help you establish your car's genuineness before the customer. Any potential buyer would make up their mind for the price you quote against the description you provide with. Giving out details does not include giving out the registration documents and insurance documents. This may pose you a threat of cloning or identity theft. Give out only the details necessary for cost evaluation. Your registration number and your insurance number are not at all required for the cost evaluation of your vehicle.

#2. Choose Your Platform Wisely.

There are a number of trading and auction sites and portals dedicated to resale and purchase of vehicles. Choosing the right platform is important in order to fetch a genuine buyer and an adequate price for your car. For example, advertising on auction sites such as eBay may get you a lower price than hoped. These auction sites sell products based on the number of actions or bids made. More bids mean you'll sell it for a good price but if you do not receive enough bids, you may have to sell it for less.

#3. Be Cautious When Test Driving.

Although you plan to sell your car online, it does not mean you will not have to meet the buyer. In fact, meeting the buyer is all the more necessary while selling online as you need to be sure of their authenticity. Ask the buyer for a valid driving license. Also, ask them to check with their insurance provider if they are insured to drive your car. There have been cases when a buyer has damaged a car during test driving and the liability is upon the owner. Justin Kimball from Preszler Law ( explains that if the owner did not grant possession of the vehicle to the person driving it, they are unlikely to be held liable for the damages caused in an accident. Never hand over your keys unless you are sure of the buyer's eligibility to drive. Accompany the buyer while test driving.

#4. Safe Payment

There are plenty of payment options that you can choose from. You can receive full payment in cash, or ask for online transfers. Another safe way would be to take a cheque or a banker's draft. Make sure that you are not letting out any crucial information while making any transaction. There are fraudulent buyers who would send you full payment in advance online only to revert the payment after delivery.

#5. Complete Necessary Paperwork.

Write a receipt including the details of the transaction in the name of the buyer. Include the details of the car and do not forget to mention your own details. You will need to complete the legal documentation for the transfer of the vehicle in the name of the buyer. To complete the process you will also need a no objection document from the financer or the bank you loaned your car from.

#6. Delivering The car.

Do not hand over the car to the buyer unless you receive payment. Keep the keys with you until you are sure that you have received the payment in full. It is very important that you make sure that the payment is made. If being made by cheque, wait until the amount is reflected in your account. Forged cheques are bounced back after a couple of days they are submitted with the bank. Deliver the car only when you are sure of the payment. Once you are satisfied with the transaction made successfully, hand over the keys, including all sets of duplicates as well. Handover the documents with a copy of the receipt.

You can easily reach out a wider audience when selling your car online, but it involves its own associated risks. Making deals cautiously is all the more important when you are selling it for the first time. 

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