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Main Dealer Or Local Garage For Your Service?

Looking for a garage to service your car can be a tedious task if you want a cost-effective good service. You have several options when it comes to choosing a garage that offers a good service.

Main Dealer Or Local Garage For Your Service?

Looking for a garage to service your car can be a tedious task if you want a cost-effective good service. You have several options when it comes to choosing a garage that offers a good service. Though the Main Dealer is often the first to spring to mind this is not always the best choice. An independent garage can deliver the same or even better quality of service without draining your wallet.

Many car owners are under the misguided belief they must go to the Main Dealer to get the job done the right way. Some of their concerns include the warranty, resale value and the fear of being tricked into having more repairs performed than are required. Keep in mind, the Main Dealer will not always give you the best deal. We will discuss and dismantle concerns car owners have about going to a local garage for repairs and other services.

Warranty Concerns

Warranty Concerns

This is a concern that is not addressed often enough.A new car comes with a legal obligation of a 3-year warranty.The warranty starts as soon as the registration is completed and will last for 3 years whether the vehicle has changed hands or not. The idea that getting your car serviced at a local garage will instantly cause the warranty to be voided is just not true. A manufacturer cannot press or intimidate a car owner to use only their services.

However, it is important to understand that the car manufacturer in the contract might state certain conditions regarding when and how the car is serviced during the warranty period.

The manufacturer explicitly states the timeline showing the scheduled servicing during the warranty. This means you must follow the schedule period. Make sure you follow this schedule properly. Another condition requires you to document each time the car is serviced and you can only use original parts.

Always follow the requirements regardless of which garage you choose, it will not void your warranty. Just be sure to use a reputable garage. They will update your service record, use only original parts follow all the guidelines by the manufacturer and document all the bills.

The Quality of Service Concerns

People are often concerned about the quality of service they will get from a local garage, especially if the car is new. This covers the quality of the parts used as well as the mechanic's experience working on your car. Others believe the cost for the garage's service is based on low-skilled labour and cheaper parts. Although there is that chance, most of these garages will provide quality work and should not be brushed aside.

If you have found a great service garage, your concerns will fade away quickly.Keep in mind, most garage employees have undergone training by the manufacturer or have a great deal of experience working in an official dealership.This means they have all the required skills and are up on the latest techniques that must be used to provide a good service on your car.

Many garages offer two different types of services. They are categorised based on whether the vehicle is under warranty or not. No matter what service you have, your car should be checked thoroughly and serviced accordingly by using the appropriate replacement parts when needed.

For example, at Lowton Motor Company, Birchwood, Warrington we offer car servicing in Warrington and the surrounding areas of all vehicles from all manufacturers from Ford to Lamborghini, Peugeot to Smart Car and everything else in between.

Warrington based Lowton Motor Company is also a car dealership that focuses on high-end vehicles including Ferrari's, Aston Martin, Porsche, Audi, BMW and the list goes on. The mechanics offer highly technical knowledge by servicing these precision machines and they carry over this expertise to their work on vehicles from other manufacturers.

Resale Value Concerns

While there is no doubt that servicing your car at a main dealership is a great way to preserve your car's value, most buyers are more concerned about staying on schedule as set down by the manufacturer.

Also, potential buyers want to know if your car has suffered any damage due to an accident or if it needed any major repair work performed.

The resale value of your car will not drop if you go to a good independent garage that will service your car in the prescribed time set down by the manufacturer. As long as the service book is stamped and the servicing is undertaken on schedule a service at an independent garage is just as valid as that from the Main Dealer. Over time, the service history will not influence the decisions of your potential buyer. 


The term "Back Street Garage" evokes a negative feeling as soon as you consider the term. It's pretty much agreed that these establishments will inflate your bill, perform unnecessary repairs and in some cases, the car ends up in a worse condition than before it was worked on.

Transparency is the foundation that any good service is based on. Customers should be informed if it's believed any additional work must be performed on their vehicle and offer evidence and a full explanation. No work should be carried out on a customer's car without their consent.

Most reputable independent garages work long and hard to maintain their customer care. Their business relies on it. Before choosing an independent it's always a good idea to investigate their online reputation in terms of customer reviews.

We are not denying, in any way, that official manufacturer dealerships offer excellent services. But their service comes at a high cost and a great deal of inconvenience. The only advantage for going to a main dealership is when the manufacturer offers complimentary services the first few times after purchasing a car. Also, further warranty repair work can only be done at the official dealership. Outside of these instances, you can go to a reputable garage for your car service. You can be assured that your vehicle will receive high-quality servicing at an affordable cost with the added benefit of courteous customer care.

At Lowton Motor Company, Birchwood, Warrington, one major advantage we have over the main dealership is our Pick Up & Drop Off service.We understand that everyone has a busy life and taking time off to get your car serviced in Warrington or surrounding areas and then sit around and wait for the service to be performed can be frustrating.

Worse case yet is finding out you must have repairs performed on your vehicle and discover the needed parts are out of stock. It's so much easier and convenient to have our service collect your vehicle, deliver it to the garage for service and/or repairs, then return it to you when the work is finished. You will be able to get on with your day without all the added inconveniences. 

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