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Important Pointers When Buying a 4X4

Off Road vehicles are becoming a popular item on today's automobile markets. The full control of a four-wheel drive combined with the impressive height of the off-road makes this an especially attractive option.

Important Pointers When Buying a 4X4

Off Road vehicles are becoming a popular item on today's automobile markets. The full control of a four-wheel drive combined with the impressive height of the off-road makes this an especially attractive option.

Nevertheless, the price should be right for a vehicle like this. This is why more and more people are finding a good variety of 4X4 options in the used car lot. But, how can people be absolutely sure they are getting a good deal from their online deal, or even when looking at the car in the lot.

Following are the tips to keep in mind when you are making such an important purchase.

1. How many miles are on the clock?

Checking the mileage of the vehicle is one of the most important things to do when making a second-hand purchase. Anything over 100,000 is not going to be a very desirable purchase because vehicles tend to decompose after the 100K mark. Of course, different makes and models have different specs, and a car that has been well-maintained and has 100,000 miles on the clock, may still be in good conditions. You will want to see a record of service that shows the car has been properly inspected and maintained, don't just take their word for it.

2. Have a look at the exterior of the car

It is odd to find a 4X4 that hasn't a single dent or scratch as they are really meant to be used in th off-road conditions where plants and brush can use exterior damage. But, if you notice that the car has been repainted, you may suspect what the previous owner is trying to hide. If the car has been in an accident and had body work the performance of the finely tuned systems will be slightly off kilter and this will lead to future performance issues.

3. Don't forget the interior of the vehicle too

Then you will want to take a good look around the interior of the car as well. Depending on the type of off-roading the previous owners would practice, there can be evidence on the inside. If there is evidence that the interior carpeting has been damaged with water flooding or changed for this reason, you may wonder how high the water got and what kind of damage this can do to the undercarriage of the 4X4. If you happen to notice any faults in the electrical work, the damage could be serious enough to make the vehicle undesirable.

4. Sit in the car with the engine on

Turn the engine on and just sit there for a few minutes as the engine warms up, and begins to operate while the gears are disengaged. You are listening for anything other than the even hum of a properly functioning engine. If the vehicle is a diesel 4X4 than you will want to get right up close to those fuel injectors with a stethoscope and make cure there is no grinding, clunking, or hissing. If you happen to hear any irregularities in this critical area, you need to politely bow out of this arrangement. This component is a very expensive and can be virtually impossible to repair, typically needing replacements.

5. Test drive the car

A roll around the block will tell you much about the performance of the engine. But the experts will also recommend you take it to a high speed, up an incline and over some rough terrain so that you can get an idea of how the gears shift, the brakes respond and the suspension reacts to being jolted about. Makes sure that the gears are especially fluid and responsive, if the gears pop back into neutral after being engaged, this is a sign of a serious transmission error.

6. Check the underside of the vehicle

Maybe you don't have extensive experience with mechanics but you certainly look at the underside of a car and inspect the various electrical cables and hoses. If you find large amounts of electrical tape, exposed wires or hoses that are brittle and cracked, you can tell something about the car's conditions. If you. If you evidence of leaks and smoke while the engine is running this is also a bad sign.

Not: there may be an oil leak here or there, but as long as the oil level is good and the oils in the engine clean and debris free, you are good.

7. Ask the previous owner when the next emissions test is scheduled

A 4X4 drive being bought at any point in time should have about 6 months left till the next emissions test.

8. Is the person selling the car to you the original owner of the 4X4?

If you are buying the car from the original owner, you can believe you are getting a better deal. If the original owner is selling the car they have a full understanding of the car's history and can provide important insights into keeping this vehicle in proper conditions.

9. Research parts that may need replacing on the 4x4 in question

Certain spare parts will need more replacing than other when you buy a 4X4. Make sure you are familiar with these parts and have researched their names. Make sure these parts can be found easily and replaced without a huge cost. This in itself can be a big factor in the right 4X4 for you. If you want a super tough 4x4 check out this one on the Fircroft blog.

10. What price are they asking?

Arrive at the inspection with information on the type of car you are buying what the going rate for other similar models looks like and any other important factors. If you are buying in a private sale, don't be afraid to barter with the seller. If you have fund any issues with the car, these can be used to add clout to your efforts to reduce the cost of the car.

As with any transaction, the process of asking the right questions and doing your own research will ultimately ensure you get the best price for a car you will really like. The tips and advice found here can keep you from making a purchase you will regret.

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