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How To Open Your Own Automotive Repair Business

If you enjoy working on automobiles, then starting your own auto repair business may be your true calling. However, here's what to consider

How To Open Your Own Automotive Repair Business

Do you love working on cars? Does the idea of being your own boss and running your own business excite you? If so, opening your own automotive repair shop may be a great option. As automotive technology continues to advance, there is an increasing demand for repair shops that can handle the work. Starting a shop of your own could wind up being quite lucrative.

1. Learn everything that you can about running a business before you open your doors. Even if you already know how to fix cars, you need to get a good grasp on the business end of opening a garage. Consider attending school to learn as much as you can about how to successfully run an auto repair business.

2. Get certified. Having an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification is absolutely essential if you want to succeed with your new business.

3. Get all of the necessary licenses. Check what the requirements are in your state for running a business. Make sure that you have all of the proper licenses and that you are set up to file taxes as a business with the IRS.

4. Put together a business plan. A well-written business plan can help guide you through the startup phase and can give you a clear path to follow as your business grows. Your plan should include information on the audience that you plan to target, how you expect to make money, how much you will charge for your services, and how you will market your business. Having a business plan can help improve your chances of getting approved for financing.

5. Figure out where your shop will be located. Start by checking out existing garages that are currently for sale in your area. If you can't find one that you like, you may have to hire an architect to design one for you. Look for a shop that is in a convenient location.

6. Secure financing. If you don't have enough money on hand to purchase the shop outright, you will need to get financing from a bank. Additionally, insurance cover for new garages will also be required.

7. Consider working with a mobile tool dealer. This can be a good way to ensure that all of the tools you use in your shop are up-to-date.

8. Consider hiring additional mechanics. If you have enough money to bring on extra help, look for one or more mechanics with ASE certification to help you keep up with demand.

9. Consider becoming a vehicle inspection station for your state. Although you won't earn a lot of money inspecting vehicles, it can be a great way to bring in new customers. If possible, you may even want to invest in equipment so that you can test for emissions as well.

10. Create an attractive waiting area for your customers. That way, they can be comfortable while they wait. You should also clearly post your prices so that people can see at a glance how much you charge for your services.

11. Put together an effective marketing plan that incorporates both online and off-line marketing. Think outside the box to bring in new customers. For instance, you could offer repair clinics on how to do basic repairs to help build trust with potential customers.

12. Consider purchasing broken down vehicles and fixing them up to sell at a later date. This can be a good way to generate extra income on the side.


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