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Cars of the future: 5 things they’ll have

Cars of the future: 5 things they’ll have

Cars of the future. We're constantly hearing from car companies what new driving aids they could include. How they'll be powered. What they'll be built from. A few words keep cropping up. Autonomous is one, electric is another, and internet connectivity is another. It all sounds exciting, right? It is. But, let's not get too excited. These 5 features aren't exactly going to be with us this year. Even if they are dead-certs for the cars of the future.

Cars of the future will include autonomous driving systems

Autonomous cars are a hot topic in the industry right now. Currently, there's a huge race between Tesla, Uber and Google to offer the first driverless car. All companies are investing large amounts of effort and money towards their development. Although we're still a good decade away from them being common, it seems certain that our roads will be filled full of these self-navigating machines. Many may still give the driver the ability to take over manually, such as Tesla's 'Auto Pilot' system, which is currently in development and has been trialled as a beta for current drivers. But, the conventional steering wheel may not be the form of control, as concepts like the BMW Vision Next 100 have shown – with something that resembles a Nintendo Wii remote. Uber has also been trailing autonomous vehicles cabs in some states in America but has still switched to driver control as it needed assistance. Therefore there still needs more improvement before it can be official.

Cars of the future will be fueled by the future

With the pressure of global warming and the ever-diminishing supply of oil, one thing's for sure – the internal combustion engine is a thing of the past. The future, however, is less clear-cut. With two key visions of how our cars are powered. The most popular, currently, is battery powered electric vehicles. But, with long charges, low range and reliability issues – this relatively cheap technology still requires a lot of work to secure the title of the fuel of the future. The other is Hydrogen fuel cell. The Hydrogen fuel cell only takes as long to refuel as a petrol car, generates electricity internally to power the drivetrain and only emits water. The negatives? It would require a complete overhaul of refuelling infrastructure.

Cars of the future will be built from carbon fibre

The days where only F1 cars and supercars are made from carbon fibre are on their way out. Models such as the BMW i3 have already proved that incredible levels of efficiency can be achieved by using lightweight carbon-based composites. Using a lighter material in a car will allow for smaller engine sizes. Smaller engines are easier to make nicer to the planet, with fewer emissions and use less fuel. Using carbon fibre will also mean that cars will be stronger. So, if you're involved in as accident the better strength is going to keep you safer. Better efficiency, better protection. 

It's a shoe-in for the cars of the future.Cars of the future will be connected to the internet

The internet in cars is currently in its infancy, with a few manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Ford experimenting with it in their latest models. But in the future, every new car will become rolling wifi hotspots, either sharing an internet connection with a "smartphone" or with a separate dedicated data plan. This will also mean that kids will be able to watch their favourite shows and games on their tablets which will put ease to the tedious long car journeys.

Cars of the future will have augmented reality windscreens

Having an augmented reality display on your car windscreen will mean you can have that vital information – such as speed, navigation details and traffic news in eyesight. Minimalistic and intelligently designed graphics will also ensure that you're able to concentrate on the road ahead without too much distraction. You're going to be spending more time with your eyes on the road, instead of looking away at the dash which you would normally do. It doesn't add a huge amount of extra functionality, however, it will make your overall driving experience safer, clearer and more intuitive.

Cars of the future: In conclusion

Technological advancements have certainly surpassed our automotive expectations in recent years. However, some of these advanced features we've looked at may, initially, come with hefty price tags. Nonetheless, with the latest technology becoming cheaper all the time, these cool and futuristic features are sure to be implemented in cars of every price range.

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