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Biking Safety Tips for Beginners

Motor biking is an enjoyable pastime and also a great way to get to places quickly and efficiently. However, staying safe is important and these tips are here to help.

Biking Safety Tips for Beginners

Motor biking is an enjoyable pastime and also a great way to get to places quickly and efficiently. However, staying safe is important and these tips are here to help.

1.Gear up.

Always gear up while biking. Although you may feel on top of the world while biking, it's advisable to put on all the safety gear needed to keep you safe should you be involved in an accident.While many people have the illusion that riding with a T-shirt, shorts, jeans, and sandals is cool, these only put you in danger of breaking a limb or even contracting an infection (respiratory conditions). Consider putting on some boots, pants, leather jackets, and reinforced jackets for extreme protection.

According to Biker Report for those with open-faced helmets, goggles or glasses are a must. Remember to put on gloves, and other gear specially designed to keep you protected even in warm weather.According to experts, only DOT-approved helmets are recommended and safest to have as a biker.

2.Choose a motorcycle that best suits you

In other words, stay in your comfort zone if you want to remain safe and alive.For instance, only go on a route you are well accustomed to and do not ride past a speed you cannot handle.You also need to choose the ideal motorcycle for your height, weight, and handling capability. As a rule of thumb, your feet should rest flat on the ground while seated on the bike. The bike shouldn't be too heavy for you either.

The motorcycle should also be easy to control as well.Both the controls, handlebars, and gear shifts should be within easy reach. Be sure to choose routes you are more familiar with, and ride slowly when in unknown territories. Remember to keep your cool, and ride to your comfort levels if riding with your peers.

3.Ensure the bike is in good working condition

It is the small things that cause huge problems, especially to bikers. Simple things such as low tire pressure, lights, mirrors, loose bolts, and leaks can cause an accident if not checked. Always check to ensure everything is good working order before firing it up.

The best way to ensure nothing is out of order is arranging for regular servicing and maintenance by a qualified mechanic. The mechanic should be able to diagnose various issues that could cause harm to both the bike, and you, the rider. Some of the simple things that shouldn't be taken lightly include brake pad replacement, tire wear, chain and suspension adjustment, and oil changes.

4.Be aware of your surrounding

Biking can be exciting especially when in the company of other bikers.You however shouldn't let your guard down when on the road.Be sure to use side mirrors properly and remain aware of your surroundings regardless of where you are. There are times when you will need to use your head especially while overtaking, switching lanes, or going around corners.

Although the mirrors may come in handy when changing lanes, always look over your shoulder to take a glimpse of the back before maneuvering. Doing this could help prevent a major accident or allow you see beyond a blind spot. Be aware of your surroundings to ensure other road users do notice you as well.

5.Keep your eyes on the road

Biking is a little more dangerous as compared to driving. Bikes can skid uncontrollably especially on unstable roads or gravel, throwing you off the road. It would be advisable to remain vigilant at all times while biking, especially while on new routes. You also need to watch out for white lines that can be slippery at times. Ensure there's no potential gravel on the road while negotiating sharp corners at high speeds.

6.Ride only on a clear mind

Riding while intoxicated, angry, or distracted can affect your ability to maneuver properly, and even cause accidents.If your mind or emotions are elsewhere, then don't ride. You can have a colleague or friend ride with you, or take a cab instead.

7.Forecast is your friend

Knowing what the weather holds in the next hours can save you lots of trouble. Take a few minutes to check the weather forecast before riding. This prepares your mind for whatever the weather brings. Nothing is more dangerous than running on icy or wet roads when you least expect it and are on two wheels.Lack of a windshield and slippery roads are two recipes for disaster for bikers.

Rain, snow, or fog can reduce your visibility significantly. Unless you have to, take shelter until the weather has cleared off, or seek an alternative. Remember to ride at slower speeds on wet roads too.

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